Remodeling a business is like putting down a fresh coat of paint inside your home. Those who’ve done it will tell you that the time and sweat equity that went into the job was well-worth it in the end. The same logic applies to stores, businesses and restaurants: A remodeled footprint is a place where customers and employees alike can feel better about their surroundings. Some construction experts suggest that a remodeling can be a way to rebrand; others tout this endeavor as a way to show that your business is healthy. Either way, you’ll have a place to be proud of after work has wrapped up.

When it comes to carrying out the actual work, one of San Francisco’s most trusted contractors is Anton Kalafati. This second-generation builder has wasted no time setting up shop and completing respectable projects on well-run job sites. That’s because Anton Kalafati of B Side Construction has more than a decade of industry experience. This dates back to the three years he was responsible for material ordering and emergency repairs at the University of California, San Francisco. He then moved on to B Side Construction, where his role as president means daily management while wearing a number of hats, so to speak. Anton Kalafati is responsible for B Side project and site management, contract negotiation, estimating and more. Much of this comes naturally to Mr. Kalafati, who is also an owner, partner and builder of Jones Restaurant, at 620 Jones Street in San Francisco. Since Anton Kalafati is so hands-on and easy to reach, the project timeline that some industry experts suggest establishing before any hammers start swinging will be set with plenty of client input.

When hiring Anton Kalafati and his crew, those who need to address window installation and storefront renovation will be in good hands. Given his role as a partner and owner of the Jones Restaurant, a title he has held since 2010, Mr. Kalafati knows what commercial clients want and need to succeed. Some of those projects can be skin-deep, such as a storefront installation or restaurant renovation for your shop along Main Street somewhere. Other times, window installation is called for to bring your business up-to-speed. Behind-the-scenes updates that an all-encompassing contracting company like B Side can do include electrical work, which is an essential infrastructure aspect. Large-scale projects, such as commercial construction or apartment complex updates, aren’t daunting to Anton Kalafati and B Side Construction.